Portia Lockett

Call me ” The Encourager.” I am on a mission to help as many people to reach there true calling by motivating them into their greatness. I enjoy inspiring, motivating and teaching others professionally as well as personally.


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Portia Lockett

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  1. I have been caregiving for over two decades. Most recently, buried both parents 14 months apart. If you need associates to perform trainings, retreats etc., please contact me at
    With great respect,
    Betty Applebý
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  2. I grew up with Portia Lockett and her family at Shiloh Baptist Church. Portia and her sisters always had sweet spirits and warm personalities. There was an anointing around them that made you relaxed and comforted in their presence. It is only natural that Portia has been givien and accepted God’s calling to bless others in the ways she does. I follow what you do because it blesses me to know how your ministry blesses others. Be encouraged

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